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Myropol Flakons Ohne Etiketten V2.jpg

ATARAXIE (2017) - 


a herbal fougere unisex fragrance. The perfume is exclusively based on precious natural essential oils. Due to its herbal composition, Ataraxie is both a fragrance and can fully be utilized for proper aromatherapy. Its name means “placidity” or “peace of mind”.


Notes: melissa, spearmint, basil, geranium, clary sage, rosemary, currant leaf, violet leaf, galbanum, ambergris, hibiscus, oak moss.

Size: 15 ml


AUTOMNE (2013) - 


a fantasy unisex fragrance. This perfume captures the perfumer’s countless walks in Moscow’s many picturesque parks in autumn. This dark, aromatic composition encapsulates a feeling of late autumn: wet soil, decomposing leaves, dried herbs and a hint of the very last flowers of the season.


Notes: marigolds, hay, dry rose petals, fenugreek, cloves, mushrooms, oak moss, sandalwood, ambergris, frankincense.

Size: 15 ml


CAMÉE (2013) - 


a „fantasy“ unisex fragrance. Cameos are ancient decorative pieces of precious jewelry, conventionally used as pendants, for example. Originally crafted from stone using a custom, “bas-relief” technique, cameos were also in certain time periods crafted from seashells. This is why Camée follows both a “historical” and a maritime motif.


Notes: lily, almond, bergamot, coriander, cypriol, lotus, myrtle, sea algae, juniper, myrrh, white musk.

Size: 15 ml


DUG-PA (2010) - 


​a spicy oriental „fantasy fragrance” for men, created under the impression of Gustav Meyrink's 1916 short story "The Crickets' Game". A hypnotizing homage to the mysterious atmosphere of Tibetan holy and „magical“ scents, using various custom essential oils and plants.


Notes: amber, citrus notes, essential oils of juniper, lemongrass, galbanum, cloves, benzoic resin, black cardamom, sandalwood, saffron, civet, musk and Himalayan amber.

Size: 15 ml

Eau de Castellar.png



a herbal chypre unisex fragrance. This perfume is the result of extensive botanical excursions by Mr. Oleynikov, in search of fragrant plants in the vicinity of the French village "Castellar" in the Maritime Alps.


Notes: lemon, orange, rosemary, Provencal lavender, narrow-leaved lavender, lavendin, seaside pine, cypress, immortelle, Italian fig, black truffle, cistus, oakmoss, ambergris.

Size: 15 ml


EREVE (2015) - 


​a spicy / balsamic unisex perfume. “Ereve” means "evening" in Hebrew and it the mood of the evening Mediterranean bouquet in a “biblical” presentation by using essential oils mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.


​Notes: lemon, fig leaf, fig, red wine, cypress, mint, Himalayan nard, cinnamon, lavender, ginger, rose, cocoa, cardamom, labdanum, opoponax, peruvian balsam, myrrh, hyraceum and styrax.

Size: 15 ml

Fougere N1.png


(2015) - 


a green / spicy unisex fragrance. This is Andrey’s unique, colorful and surprising take on the legendary fougères of old.


​Notes: lavender, bergamot, green notes, oakmoss, caramel, apple, pineapple, basil, geranium, coriander, black currant leaf, patchouli, vetiver, tonka beans, costus, sandalwood, amber, galbanum and musk.

Size: 15 ml

Fougere N2.png


(2019) - 


an aromatic fougere for men. An entirely different take on the more gourmand “FOUGÈRE No.1”. In contrast, No.2 is a callback to the legendary spicy-woody fougeres of the 70s and 80s, when fragrances like Guy Laroche’s iconic “Drakkar Noir” were the most popular gentleman’s scents and in high demand all over the world.


Notes: lavender, fresh herbs, lily of the valley, mint, bergamot, tonka bean, pineapple, blackcurrant buds, sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss, vetiver, musk, ambergris.

Size: 15 ml


FREESIA (2010) - 


a soliflor perfume for women, subtly employing the scent of a gorgeous freesia flower in order to evoke the airy, innocent, almost secretive, poetic joy of becoming aware of the first glimpse of spring in a modern, metropolitan city.


Notes: freesia, fresh greens.

Size: 15 ml

Herbe Verte.png

HERBE VERTE (2019) - 

a green aromatic unisex fragrance. One of Mr. Oleynikov's favorite pursuits is the transfer of the familiar, yet often very complex smells of nature into a perfume. This highly aromatic composition is the final result of uncounted attempts at capturing the unique atmosphere of a wild, green meadow covered in freshly cut grass.


Notes: fresh green notes, spikelet mint, violet, fresh soil, pollen, fly tree, sandalwood, cistus, oak moss, musk.

Size: 15 ml


JACINTHE (2010) - 


a green-floral / balsamic soliflor perfume for women. Created to capture the intoxicating and rich aroma of the hyacinth in all its glory.


​Notes: indole, ozone, bitter almonds, green notes, vanilla, cinnamon, styrax and musk.

Size: 15 ml

Jardin D'Hiver.png

JARDIN D'HIVER (2017) - 


a woody / floral unisex fragrance recreating the alluring atmosphere of an imaginary tropical greenhouse in the midst of the grim Russian winter.


Notes: juxtaposing tea tree oil, sugar cane, rose, rhododendron, orange, chrysanthemum, lotus, mango, musk, ambrette, earthy notes.

Size: 15 ml


JEGLOFF (2017) - 


a fougere fragrance for men, named after the hero of the classic Soviet detective novel „The Weiner brothers“. This composition is a reimagining of the iconic formulas of the classic Soviet chypre colognes of the 1940s-50s, enriched by sophisticated, contemporary components.


​Notes: musk, sandalwood, oakmoss, tar, labdanum, jasmine-sambac, tea rose, vanilla, seasoned with lemon, orange blossom and bergamot.

Size: 15 ml


KUFI (2010) - 


a uniquely fruity / woody unisex fragrance. "Plutarch mentions that in the temple of Isida the priests were burning resins in the morning, myrrh in the afternoon – and in the evenings they were burning a complex incense called kufi. It had an incredibly rich aroma, very well suited for night rituals, as it exacerbates perception and could make you see misty images of gods and goddesses." This perfume is a quasi-historical reconstruction of an ancient mystical incense that exclusively uses natural ingredients.


​Notes: juniper, papyrus, coriander, plum, myrrh, mastic, incense.

Size: 15 ml


MATTHIOLA (2010) - 


a unique floral fragrance for women. "How long I did I dream of reproducing the smell of pure “summer comfort” ...being in a secluded corner of the garden, peacefully drifting off into sleep under the stars. How many unforgettable tea-parties in the company of dear old friends were accompanied by this wonderfully warm, velvet, mysterious, slightly gloomy and strangely tantalizing smell».


Notes: ginger, musk, white tobacco, indole, jasmine, sage, cinnamon, cloves, green notes, amber and civet.

Size: 15 ml


MYROPOL (2019) - 


a fantasy perfume for men with a truly “holy” atmosphere. Andrey carefully analyzed the legendary, sacred “Miro” oil (an ancient aromatic oil used in religious ceremonies) as well as various other church incenses -  and after many olfactory experiments, he finally came up with this innovative, refined oriental scent. 


Notes: rose, cinnamon, frankincense, musk, galbanum, ambergris, aldehydes.

Size: 15 ml


NOЁL (2017) - 


a conceptual, spicy citrus unisex fragrance. This composition evokes the ingredients of a proper Christmas & New Year holiday traditions - starting with the festive table and the wealth of delicious food aromas to the unmistakable scent of the traditional new year tree.


Notes: orange, spruce, caramel, champagne, cloves.

Size: 15 ml


OFRIS (2012) - 


a „fantasy“ fragrance for women. Originally composed and carefully overhauled in 2012 with new, previously unavailable natural aromatic components, making it even more harmonious and soft-ringing. The perfume presents a masterful, fresh take on an orchid’s aroma. 


Notes: vanilla, orchid notes, wintergreen, anise, ylang-ylang, animalic notes.

Size: 15 ml

Pain D'Epieces.png

PAIN D'EPICES (2013) - 


a spicy gourmand unisex fragrance. The name is literally translated from French "gingerbread”. This is Andrey’s olfactory appropriation of an old French gingerbread recipe with warm amber, woody notes, malt, cooling mint and bittersweet chocolate.


Notes: rich spicy bouquet, bread notes, malt, mint, chocolate, honey, amber, woody accord.

Size: 15 ml


PASTEL (2017) - 


a uniquely powdery-woody unisex composition. An aromatic perfume of one of the secret components containing pastels in its composition, their soft tone and the dryness of the material.


Notes: mint, iris rhizome, caramel, ozone, minerals, ambralux and amber.

Size: 15 ml


PHLOX (2016) - 


a floral soliflor for men and women. "I really love these "melancholic" flowers of the passing summer, that bring up associations with a childhood spent in a small, picturesque village. My grandmother was very fond of phlox."


​This potent blend is based on an audacious combination of phlox with various custom green notes and musk.

Size: 15 ml

Myropol Pierre de Lune OH.png


(2019) - 


a fantasy unisex perfume.​ This is Andrey’s olfactory rendition of the surface of the moon. Astronauts have described the smell of moon rocks to that of a flintstone when starting a fire. To this base layer, the perfumer then adds the cold of camphor, earthy notes, ashes, ozone and the clear, smooth transparency of michelia. The olfactory spectrum is then even further expanded with jasmine sambac, white sandalwood and freshly burnt incense as well as hedion and Ambralux.

Notes: camphor, ozone, earth, ash, michelia, jasmine sambac, white sandalwood, burnt incense, hedione, ambralux.

Size: 15 ml




a „fantasy“ perfume for women. Designed to capture an awakening spring in a modern, metropolitan city. Its main ingredient, the Caucasian mimosa, is only imported & sold in Moscow for a very short time. The name stems from from Latin, “Primavera”, which means “spring”.


Notes: ozone, fresh herbs, mimosa, tuberose, neroli, rose, heliotrope, musk, civet.

Size: 15 ml

Printemps de Moscou.png



a „fantasy fragrance“ for men and women. This creation uses particularly rare components, as the bird-cherry tree that Andrey extracts by hand only once a year in the all-too-brief Russian spring.


​Notes: freshly mown grass, freesia, ozone, hawthorn, propolis, flowering dandelions and fresh earth.

Size: 15 ml


RATAFIA (2013) - 


a „fantasy“ conceptual fruit aroma for women, reminiscent of delicious,  homemade Russian berry liqueur. This fragrance was in part inspired by the Russian tradition of homemade blanks. Both grandmothers of the perfumer made bespoke berry wines every summer, and this unique, deep and lively aroma is familiar to the perfumer since his early childhood.


Notes: raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrant berries, rose, vodka, cognac, spices, pollen, musk.

Size: 15 ml

Rose Vinyl.png

ROSE VINYL (2015) - 


a floral / rose unisex fragrance. "In the 1960s, when “plastic products” became part of everyday Soviet life. To every new "synthetic" a new, unique style of fashion was introduced. Or take the first plastic flowers: They were so naive and unpretentious, so different from today’s artificial flowers." This perfume is an enticing concept fragrance blending Oleynikov’s own custom “plastmassa”-note with rose. "By the way,” he continues, “this perfume also wants to evoke an association of the music lover - after all, I have more than thirty years of listening to vinyl records under my belt.”

Size: 15 ml


TILLEUL (2019) - 


a soliflor for women, conveying the delicate light golden smell of linden blossoms. This perfume effortlessly captures a midsummer mood, with its longest and hottest days, blooming linden alleys, filled with fragrant rays of heat and light.


Notes: linden flowers, fresh herbs, honey, musk.

Size: 15 ml


VINCENT (2019) - 


a “herbal fougere” fantasy fragrance for men, dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh. Stylistically, this perfume is eager to capture the painter’s famous still lifes and landscape paintings in his signature post-impressionist style - as well as to evoke an atmosphere of the various places where the artist lived and worked: Paris, Arles, Saint-Remy de Provence and Auvers-sur-Oise.


Notes: bitter wormwood, star anise, nutmeg, lemon balm, violet, bergamot, cognac, white bread, lavender, tobacco, burnt sugar, ambergris.

Size: 15 ml


VINTAGE (2010) - 


a „fantasy floral“ unisex perfume. This is a lyrical, retro-themed olfactory experiment in order to capture the atmosphere of the Moscow of Oleynikov’s childhood: "A classic floral bouquet, tinted with spicy notes and green bitterness of galbanum, all seen through the prism of modern aldehydes."


​Notes: flowers of carnation, lily of the valley, violet and galbanum.

Size: 15 ml


ZIM-PO (2017) - 


a unique, oriental unisex fragrance. It is in fact an appropriation of a certain flavor of Tibetan incense sticks and their captivating, effortlessly natural aroma (no hints of bamboo in the base, unlike in most Indian incense sticks.) “ZIM-PO” is Andrey’s take on the actual Tibetan incense brand “ZIM-POE”, which he considers particularly attractive and unique. This composition features a rare component: dry distilled amber in the form of Himalayan amber essential oil, giving the entire fragrance a noble leather hue with its subtle tar note.


Notes: saffron, cloves, sandalwood, musk, juniper wood, Himalayan amber.

Size: 15 ml


ZOURBAGAN (2013) - 


a fantasy unisex perfume. Named after the fictional city located in the wondrous “Greenland” country, invented by Russian writer Alexander Green. Crimea is considered to be the prototype of Greenland. The aroma consists of a salt sea with its wildly growing seaweeds, terrestrial southern flora, lavender, spices, tobacco and is decorated with amber-fire beads.


Notes: lavender, orange, grapes, sea notes, seaweed, tobacco, rosemary, nutmeg, cypress, magnolia, sea shells, cistus, ambergris.

Size: 15 ml

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